We send your loving and caring regards to your families and friends whom are recovering or having treatments in hospitals. No minimum order. 

 Delivery of personal messages/wishes inclusive. Halal-friendly and available in Klang Valley. 

 We offer a variety of carefully selected products, i.e. Fruits Boxes, Fruits Hampers, Healthy Fresh Juices, Healthy Snacks and more upcoming awesome products. 

 We believe in our quality products and services which able to spread love among the community. Our mission is to possibly deliver the true meaning from senders to those recipients in hospitals with few taps on the button. 

 Our goal is to help people feel joy, feel blissful and save up time for precious moments in life. Whether it's doing assignment, busy with work or doing workout, when those in hospitals receive the gift delivered by Meow Meow from you, everyone will feel and live better.