Meow Meow is in the business of e-commerce that provides and delivers quality healthy products with love to hospitals in the beginning with its inception in Klang Valley, Malaysia in 2017. We pledge to enhance convenience and cultivate smarter lifestyles for the community. 

The business idea of Meow Meow is about bringing people together and making life simpler as well as transforming people's lives by promoting wellness and embracing technology,systematic operations, and reliable delivery services. We strive to offer the community the best possible offering –health, happiness and convenience in a trustworthy and secure platform. 

We want to be the company people turn to – not only the first choice for delivery of goods to hospitals, but also the first choice for career and investment opportunities, and being the global benchmark for future business model.


To empower the community to be remarkably modernistic, highly productive, link hearts which far apart, express love with few clicks, and secure good health of loved ones and themselves. 


To become the world's leading company that brings about healthy and loving future. We are dedicated to improve the global community through our groundbreaking value creation and ideas. Our key strategic pillars are: Innovation, Partnership and Awesome People. 

Utilize Meow Meow to make the world a better place. The better future has never been this easy!